Friday, October 3

Say bye bye to Sherina

Tonight the youth is having dinner - pot bless.
Not sure whether going or not because . . . I am afraid it is too early.
I finish my work around 6.30 p.m.
Need to wait for bus.
Then got to bath and get ready.
So... maybe not going then.

Yesterday was preparing jelly - my second attempt = FAIL
I remember the first time I did it because I wanted to give Sara and Joanna. However, the jelly end up too hard. So, end up, all in rubbish bin.
Yesterday - too much of water. too soft. Wah!!!! I will never do it again! No nO. I going to try again soon. I don't believe I am so useless.
One day,I know I can =)

Oh ya, my left hand got problem already. No strenght. When I hugged boy boy that time my hand suddenly feel like not mine. T.T
My back now pain again.
Yor, I can go die already. So many sickness. T.T

Say bye bye to Sherina.


This year birthday, I think not going to do anything le. I remember last year we went to ice skating. The year before, I forget liao. haha. Swt. Anyway, birthday is just birthday. Every year also sien. Doing the same thing and bla bla. been years since I am happy for birthday. I just remember once when I am super young. Around 7 years old or 8. My mom buy a super big tweety bird birthday cake and I got lot of friend. That is only one of my most memorable birthday. The rest I can't remember.
Nowadays, so busy, so many problem, where got time to think la. I only think what to buy for mommy this 30th only....

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