Tuesday, September 30

Girls fault or guys fault??

I was chatting with 2 colleague yesterday,
we were talking about guys and girls.
Girls - think more, do more, talk more, sad more, .. Conclusion - everything more than guys~
Guys - think less, do less, talk less, sadless, .. Conclusion - everthing lesser than girls~

What girls want from guys - think more, do more, talk more... everything also just MORE. Just like girls.
Then when those guys did it, the girls want those guys to do less. So?! Conclusion - Girls is just TOO MUCH.
Sometimes those guys is kind of pityful. Girls are kind of terrible sometimes.

However, guys sometimes makes us become like that. guys is the one to blame then. We don't really understand guys. Those guys always said that "don't know what you girls thinking"... Actually, we don't know what guys are thinking. So when we don't know what guys are thinking, we become a bit angry + frustrated + sad = BOMB.

So? You guys always thinks we are too emotional, too much, too this and too that. Actually you guys makes us like that... Don't blame us!!!

I want to know,
girls fault or guys fault?

I fell like posting this is just because 3 of us really kinda blur.
We don't really know guys fault or girls fault.
When we say both sides, we still think guys is the one to blame.
So.... I just post this.... To think


elisa. said...

hey..you ok or not? (:

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

hmmmm. ok d gua... still got some fire burning lo.. =)