Thursday, September 4

Scare of wife?! xD

Yesterday was not here cause I went for Interview~
The company name is Clara International Beauty
Position is Receptionist cum Administrative only.
The interview is pretty good. Therefore, I hope everything will be okay.

Yesterday night went for worship practice.
I singing with Kalven this Sunday.
The practice yesterday is quite long.
I and Kalven as usual joke around.
I prefer sing with him cause happier.
He will talk all those nonsense and I will laugh. xD Daniel's wife sit there and so "sien" *poor thing* hehe... Uncle Chris helped a lot yesterday. I can see Uncle Chris expression yesterday. xD

Oh ya, we discovered that Chee Meng is afraid of wife.. GG..xD

Today very tired and not feeling well. huhu~ always like that de..
I will die de ar... T.T

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