Monday, September 22

Happy Birthday to ME??! =.=||

I am super tired this few days. And this morning around 4 a.m. I received an sms from my friend wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. What a morning call?! Yes! my birthday is on 22nd but it is 22nd october! Not 22nd September. 22nd September is Cally la Andre! =.=
What a joke! 3 of us also 22nd. 22nd of August is Andre, 22nd of September is Cally and 22nd October is Me. Oh ya... 22nd November is Vivian... Heh heh.. All is 22nd.. What a nice date... xD

Message to Andre: Wish me again next month ok? I'll be waiting. =)

Hey you,
Once again you brighten my day =)

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