Monday, September 29


You know why girls are special?

Because they are unpredictable.

Anyway, not going to say about this first. I totally getting more and more emo nowadays. I could not help it.

Anyway, skip skip skip that first.

Now, I totally give up on somebody. I'd tried as hard as possible to become friends with him but somehow he is too over. The other day, you told me to smile often and BLA BLA BLA and now you are the one makes me feel so terrible. It has been years you treat me like that. When you want to talk with me then you talk and when you feel you don't like you just ignore me. You remember what you told me years ago when I like someone and I cried? You told me that no men worth my tears. If the one who makes me cry is not deserve my love or friendship. I don't think you remember what you said. Whatever you said, you just "cakap besar". This is you. And today, I just give up. Whatever you did to me - can, whatever I did to you- cannot. There is no such theory.

OK. Back to topic. I am totally getting emo nowadays. I don't know why. Just this few weeks. I easily get angry and sad. Feel like breaking into thousand pieces or maybe million pieces. I am not sure whether I am normal or not. Or maybe, I am abnormal.

I am so sorry to someone cause I make him feel @.@
I know. I should tell him what really I am not happy about. But, it just a small tiny case that makes me angry and then he add some salt on the wound then I gets angrier. Just like that. Totally nothing more than that. So its my fault actually. I just gets angry easily nowadays. So you got to bear with me. Oh no, I am so selfish! =)

I am not sure all girls are like that. I don't think so. So you need not to worry next time your girlfriend is like me so terrible. =)

Anyway, as I said I am not coming to Friday when discussion time with the youth. I said that because my mom did say Friday I cannot go cell cause the earlier day I went back late and the next day I got to work. Besides, I am really tired nowadays. So I really don't feel like explaining everything now. Feel like wasting time explaining this and that. When I start to explain things I will break down.
I know everyone around me is getting tired of me too. What about giving up on me? I think I cannot be save. No hope.

I really feel very tired nowadays.. I don't know why. I just feel tired and frustrated about anything. I am sorry...

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Éruadan Ïndïlwèn said...

quote menuiq: "I am not sure all girls are like that. I don't think so. So you need not to worry next time your girlfriend is like me so terrible. =)"

I know not all girls are like that. They are like the picture I showed in my blog. Very different and complex. And don't worry about what happened that day la. You are you and that is all that matters yea.