Monday, September 8


A friend is easy to find.
but a wonderful best friend is difficult to find.
Not everyone will listen to your problem, your sadness, your happiness
But she did everything for me.

She is a very nice friend I ever had.
She is cute, kind, good, hardworking, lovely and more and more that I can't finish listing out.
We had so much in this few years knowing each other.
I don't know she felt the same or not
but I just love to be with her.
She is the only one I can share my love talks with =)

Now, she is old enough.

She is JUST 17 this year.
It's her turn for something important.
I hope that you score with flying colours.
And glorify His name.

I prayed for "thy princess & thine prince."

I think I should end with a song....

Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday to Miss Starfish,
Happy Birthday to you.

May the God bless you.
He knows what you need and what you want.

Only for my best sis =)
Happy 17th birthday


Photo credits to Sherina. From 3 person in that pic become only 2

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