Thursday, September 4

Thank You

Just another post to thanks someone who really very special to me.
Without this special friend I don't know how I would be.

This special friend is... .... ..

She is a lovely girl.
I loves her so much.
When I am not happy,
She will makes me happy with her pig expression. *just joking*
She will accompany me to IOI
She will share food with me
Shares drinks with me.
When I worked in bumble bee,
I am so hungry,
she is the one who I mentioned that brought food for me.
She is my dear that I mention.
Before yesterday, I was finding pants.
I only got jeans and shorts.
No slack or anything.
I got skirt but I dare not wear.
She is the one find some for me.
How lucky to have her as a sis?
She is so great.
Yesterday wearing that pants makes me feel more comfortable.
SO this post is dedicated to her..
(she is not a korean)xD


Beside this friend, surely there is some more I got to thank!

Elisa - who always listen to some of my problem. Talk to me, share thoughts, gossip *no no Just joking*. The best sis I ever had too. I sayang you!!~~~
Gabriel - the most cham person. When I got problem I sure will kacau him. I think he feel so "fan" d. Always argue with him. Not really argue but also consider kacau la. haha.. Poor thing. A good brother he is. He is a very nice, GENTLEMAN, old, fat person. OOPs.. Did I mentioned old and fat.. No... I am just joking.

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