Saturday, September 13

A + B = C

Me + You + basketball = Fun
You + Laugh + Jokes = LOL

Fun + LOL = Super duper happy.

This is my equation. Who the You is referring to?
Good question. His name is not-to-be-revealed. I had "some" fun at wawasan 4 yesterday. For sure "He" is the one who can really makes me smile with his tiny bits of action but yesterday I saw some of my ex school students that are currently still studying in that school. I can feel that I miss them so much. Yesterday most of them are boys. Actually ALL are boys. They can still remember me. =) I am happy. This boy who looks handsome say "Hi Sherina."to me. =) Sorry to say that I don't know who is him. =) I am totally @.@ I know he is from our school but I am not sure his name. SORRY ya Yong Jie (*now I know cause Jason told me*) I saw Dou Wei *everytime also saw him de*, Jason's friends, Sheng Jian's friend and Seen Nung. Seen Nung changed a lot. He became someone different. He is a bit itchy now. And he is totally out from my "close friend" list. Haha.. I am just JOKING. But then, I just hate those people who are itchy fellow. I really miss those people. Hope to see them more in the future when I am still in this world. =)

Practice = not happy.
Frankly, I hate to be the one who always need to follow. I dislike instruction. I dislike it. I know "someone" is good with singing, playing or whatsoever but why must I am the one who got to follow you instead of you follow me. I know. I can't sing well. That's why I got to follow. I know you are not happy with me. There's lot of time this happened. I know. If like that I will just come down and stay in the home, do nothing, sleeping. Anyway, not to say follow you or what, but just maybe both of us sort it out like both of us try to follow each other. You put your standard so high and you want me to follow then how I am going to do. And really Thank God luckily I can. If not, I will die. Sorry to be so rude. Just want to express a bit here. Now I feel better. =)

Now, my mood for now is not so good. Still feel so not happy.

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