Monday, September 8

YOU= the only you

You know, You know, the particular person gets something.
The other person was left freely and I was with him.
I was happy the moment I was sitting beside you.
Nobody around us.
Although this is all just my thoughts I am still happy.
I hope it will always like that.
Just silence between us and I am happy.

You know, your eyes is so charming.
1st time; joking with me, looking at me with those eyes.
2nd time; taking your bag and looked at me with more charming eyes.
3rd time; yesterday; eye to eye for a few seconds.

Your jokes and your tease are always so perfect to me.
Your coldness towards me makes me felt sad at times.
Although it just a few words you give me,
I am satisfied.

I know I am getting crazier about you.
I don't know why.
At times, I really want to give up this feeling
but it came back.

Sometimes, I thought I like someone else.
but, I always get rid him in my mind
and always
put you in my mind.

I know we are impossible,
never will you like me
I know
But, I just continue.

I hope we will getting closer and closer.
A closer friend and I am satisfied.

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