Thursday, September 11

I am fed up

Another post from me =) x =(

I having headache. People keep asking me tonnes of question that I can't answer. I, myself need the answer. You guys asking me all those stupid question that I hate to answer. Who is performing, who is playing this, that. Hey come on, do you know what's really going on? Are you performing or not is a important question? Who is playing this or that is so important? Why not you become Sherina and solve all those question while I am down there and asking you "Hey, am I perform ming aaaaa.... Must tell me now o.." "Who is playing bass? Who is playing drum?" "Got practice a?" "Friday BBQ o.. How to practice?" What will you feel when I ask all this question to YOU and you still having problem? Please la.. Don't think of yourself la. Whether you are performing or not is not so important. Why must you always want to perform? I have no idea to say anything. Why must you always want to know who is performing. Then when is your turn to in charge something, I asked you, you replied "you come you know". Do you know how hurt when you say this word to me?

I can joke, I can play, I can don't care BUT there's is limitation. Sometimes the words that come out from some of your mouth makes me feel so terrible. Do you know that? Teasing me is okay for sometimes but not everytime. I hate it! I REALLY HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have nothing else to say but I got limitation too. I cannot always think of the youth. I got to think for myself. One day, only one day, I cannot stand anymore. I am going off. For sure!

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