Thursday, September 4

tough question =)

Someone ask me; What type of guy you would like? A type that show his love or a type that keep it to himself?

Hmmm.. How to answer this kind of question? I don't know. Sometimes a person that really "show" love makes me back off. Yea, I am a weirdo. I don't know what am I scare of but just don't really like them showing too much love. But, I think is all depends. Depends who I like. If I like "A" Then I would want "A" to show some love of course. If he don't show I'll feel sad. So I can't really gives any answer to this question. I think all depends. Depends who is that guy. For me, I do want that particular person to show some of his love to me and he must do keep it for himself. I think its hard to find this kind of person. Anyway, what I need is to see who is that person. If that person is the particular person that I like then I don't care about anythin. =)

Just one thing....
I hope that you would love me.

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