Thursday, September 11

Listen up Sherina!

I am tired of lack sleep. I, myself has forgotten how many weeks I did not have a good night sleep.

Working+practicing+ city harvest+part time = late sleep.
Working+ go church for practice = wake up too early.
late sleep + wake up early = TIRED

So this is Sherina's equation. For this week, I don't think I got a chance to have a good night sleep too. =(
This Saturday, we are having band performance. Last minute only we got to know about it. Why? Why last minute?
For the whole Tuesday and Wednesday, I keep searching for songs that we can sing. However, result is zero! Jason and Sheng Jian helped me a lot. And... I keep disturbing people around me. Why am I so disturbing? Sherina! Please don't disturb the people around you anymore. It is so ANNOYING ok?! Sherina, please think of the people around you. You know they are busy with their school and work stuff then why you keep disturbing them? Do not do that again!

Today I got to clear of everything on the table cause I am leaving, work part time in bumble bee until 10.00 p.m again, must FOUND the song not FIND the song, must sit properly cause back really getting worst, must listen to their advise (eat) & must not disturb anyone today. THINK BY MYSELF!!!

p/s: Please don't call me to consult the doctor for my back. I am not going to listen!


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