Saturday, September 27

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"U sit down goyang kaki where can get bf ? they wont drop from the sky..."

I think some of you understand what is this.
What I can say is, I totally cannot stand anymore. Frankly, I felt like going to that person and slap him non-stop. However, can I do that? I can't. If I can, I sure will do.
I really don't understand what rubbish this mean. Do you know what are you talking.
You don't know what am I doing, so please don't say something that makes people angry.
I really want to scold you in the forum but I did not. I just msn you and ask you whether you think is a bit harsh to say like that.
What you reply MR? "The truth hurts"
You are like putting more fire.
How many times you ha said hurtful things to me? You did not realize. because I did not say anything. I keep quiet doesn't mean you can climb over me and say more!
i know you want to joke. But honestly, your jokes is not a jokes.
You said that is a spam site. So? You can say more?
I am not angry because of just this. But, when everything accumulate together, I really will burst. I am sorry for being harsh now, but you makes me like that.
I am super frustrated for this two days and you want to makes me get angry.

I really want to burst. But, who can I burst to?

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