Tuesday, September 2

Where to find??!

On Sunday, after church, we went to Sunway Convention Center for workshop. I registered for worship the earlier day but I went for Life Partner and Personal Grooming. Life Partner workshop is nice. The preacher ask us to get married before 25 years old. NANI? Sis Lai Ming tell us not to. We are still young. Heh heh.. I am just 18 years old. Why need to rush right. My mom asking me to find a boyfriend and I am still 18.. haiz.. you thought is easy for me to find one? She always ask me the same question.

Mom: Why you no boyfriend?
Me: Hah? I am ugly, my leg dot dot, fat, not nice lo.
Mom: Some super fat also got boyfriend.
Me: haiz. Nobody like me la.. That's why I don't have.
Me: I look like a boy only. Who will like me leh?
Mom: Act like a girl la!
Totally silent*

How to find le? My mom really very open. haiz.. Not I don't want to find but how to find. SWEAT.

Credits to: Sorry, I forgotten where I get all those pictures from.
So if is belong to you, you can kindly tell me and i will credit it!

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