Thursday, September 11

Should I? Shouldn't I?

Ps.A : Thank You Sherina
Sherina: Welcome.
Janice: Tomorrow is her last day.
Ps. A: What last day?
Janice: Work here for last day.
Ps. A: Oh. Why Sherina? I treat you not good meh. I treat you good what. Where are you going?
Sherina: Work at some other place. =)
Ps. A: Yer... Why want to leave me? I treat you good ma. Only "she" treat you no good. Is it?
Sherina: =)
Ps. A: You will still attend our church right?
Sherina: Huh?!
Ps. A: You still attend our church right?
Sherina: Yea....
Ps. A: Good lo..
Sherina: But not long.
Ps. A: This girl a!!!

Why I can't answer that question? I really want to leave? If last time, my answer will always is a YES. But now, I doubt. And why am I saying not long? Have I make any decision? I think my words has helped me. What am I thinking now? I have no idea. Am I so tired until I @.@
CBC.. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I am far far away from where I am now.

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