Tuesday, September 2

Its a small world afterall?

Small world??

I saw both of my friend again. I am not sure they see me or not but I felt i totally lost both of them. They are no longer with me anymore.
Life is really full with funny things.
You know, when you want to see those friend and you will think of gathering and whatever events so that we can meet but then end up it is so difficult to plan. You got no time to do it. However, when you don't feel like seeing them or maybe you need time to solve problem between you guys or maybe just to clam down, but you end up met them in the street, in a mall and etc. Is this world so small?
when you met them and they just walk away like that, makes your heart full with slashes. For one is ok but for both, I know the answer. When you met them, it feel so awkward! Friends around me asking me "hey is this that girl or is this that guy". What can I answer?
I want to approach them and say a hi but I have no chance at all. I got no answer actually.
Anyway, I am the one who bring all this things up. So I deserve it.....

No need to remind me over and over again...

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