Thursday, October 30


Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Yesterday went for dinner cause of aunty birthday. We went to eat at somewhere near wawasan restaurant. Its kind of cheap! We ordered 6 dishes and 8 people was there and they just charged us RM 118. Uncle pay the bill.
He was saying he expect to use up all the money he brought.

So, to fulfill his wish, we went to ice wheel to eat ice!
Nyam nyam....
We order 2 woks of ice cream.. Haha... Taste delicious..

i should post the picture up!! Wao.. I like it so much! Should go again when I got $$! Oh ya.. one wok is 9.90!!

When back home - read book and also sms - ing and watch shows and eat again!

Today mommy birthday,....

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