Thursday, October 16

A night of yesterday

Ms. Sherina is really sick now! Let us see whther without any medicine - will she recover?

Yesterday went for our worship practice. The songs is nice but the voice is not. This is meant for my voice. My voice really not nice yesterday. Not balance again. Not because I am sick but the voice just terrible for me when I heard it! T.T


after the practice, 6 of us excluding Joel Chan and Rach who went back earlier went for a yum cha session. We had some joking, hacking, laughing, talking, teasing and so on. A good yum cha session.

Oh ya, do you guys know how silly and dumb I am?
Chee Meng give me permission to "curi" his car away. He even give me his car keys and remote. However, me, who are so silly and dumb do not know which button to unlock the car. The red button or the blue button?! I went to ask him and he took back the keys and unlock it for me.
He teased me!

"People give you the keys to "curi", you also don't even know how. Later when you go in the car, you also won't know the keys must go where."

So, until now, I still don't know which button he press to unlock it. He did not tell me. I am really dumb!

I am going to save save save save save to go for learn how to drive. I cannot keep staying under the shell.

After the yum cha session, I walked back.. Those gentlemen no fetch me back.. T.T so sui de.. Haha..

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