Monday, October 13

Those memory

I got many things to blog for today and tomorrow and one of the post will be very meaningful for me and people put there. Stay tune....

As for today, I will post about what happen on Sat and Sun (yesterday), and also, something.. *lala*

Saturday we went to 3k for the Project: Shout. I am not commenting anything cause I have no comments. I prefer the ori Planet Shakers and I prefer City Harvest. However, it is still a good night for many of us especially Jonathan Chong, my special friend in Kuantan who are studying interior design at One Academy College now, won the DVD player. He should thank me because I invited him to go with us.. Haha. Nah.... I am not those people.. I really feel happy when he get the DVD. I feel that this is the reason I have a feeling to invite him. I really feel great he get the DVD. His lucky draw number is 0044. What a nice number. The rest of the youth is hoping to win a Ipod but unfortunately we are not that fortunate. =)
Oh ya, we start our destination quite early but still we are late due to we sesat jalan. Haiz. My friend waited us for kind of long time. Poor friend.

Sunday which mean is yesterday. Elisa and myself went to boys brigade to observe again. =) Nice~~ After the boys brigade we went to McD talking, chatting, joking, laughing. We went there due to we got free drinks to redeem.

Today, I can feel my body is getting weaker and I know I am going to getting sick very soon. Oh Lord please help me.

Isn't it good if everyday I can see you?

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