Tuesday, October 28

2 car? how?

a shocked morning.
2 VERY grown up boy - age 20 ++ did something that day.

This is the story~~
Every Sunday, usually, I will asked Chee Meng to fetch me to church cause he, too, going for worship practice. So I was expecting him to fetch me on that day. And he did called me on the very morning to tell me that he reached. So i quickly get my feet to my sport shoes and grab my handbag - run out from my house and I saw ................... Proton Wira.. Looks familiar but its not Chee Meng's. Its Gabriel's car. Then I thought Chee Meng is in his car but I can't trace him in that car. So I look on the left. Surprisingly, Chee Meng's car is there! What are they playing?! Why both car there?! *park so nice somemore* My jaw dropped** I don't know which car to get in to it.
right? left?right? left? Can I walk?? =)
I can see those evil grin, evil laughing in both of their face. *heh heh*
I run to Chee Meng car at last.

"O!!! You break his heart!! You came to sit my car!"
"O!!! You so naughty ask both of us to come and fetch you!"
"O!!! I think he is here from 6.30a.m until to wait for you!"
"O!! HE angry already!"

"You all pakat de." - me
"pakat what" - he
"kacau me la" - me
"who so free o" - he

the conversation continue until we reached church. He still deny that both of them pakat. He still with his evil face!!! *no la*

"Gab, you all so free a? pakat and kacau me?"
"Cannot a?!" gab said
I looked at Chee Meng and said to him.
"See! PAKAT"
"heh heh heh"

This is the very funny happy sunday morning. =)

p/s : Joshua said girls mostly will choose Chee Meng's car!
Reason: need me to say?
Am I like that?
NO! I am not. I choose his car cause I asked him to fetch.
I know he will say a lot of things if I choose to sit Gab's car.

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bi bi said...

aww.. so funny, yet sweet..
aiyo u ar.. 2 guys fetch u leh ^^
very syok .. next time oso want to kacau u .. hahaha....