Saturday, October 11

Special post~

Another writings here I come
To write something for someone special
Someone who are special in my heart
That no one who can replace now.

These days - I will never forget in my life
These days - is so special to each of us
These days - makes us happy
These days - makes us get closer.

Not only one
more than one.
Not only us
But more than us

These is the day that the Lord has made us.
Thanks to him for bringing us to this world.
thanks to our parents who bring us to this world too.
thanks to the people around us that make us feel so happy in this day.



These are the few listed name
1. Sha Mein
2. Aaron
3. Richard
4. Grace
5. Rachel
6. Myself
7. Celine
8. My mother
9. Wai Hoong
(I could not remember all and those listed
not sure correct or not. )

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