Thursday, October 9

Never ending hope to

Everything just the same
Yesterday Today Tomorrow.
Will we be the same too?
I hope we will be different one day

The stars are bright
The skies are blue
My heart will gone
To somewhere soon

I know it is impossible to see the stars when the skies is blue
but, the stars is there although we can't see it
Just the same - although I did not say out my feelings to you
but, the feelings is there although you can't see it.

i don't know why I have feelings to you
but i know the feelings is so true

The leaves fall down slowly and land on the ground.
I want to fall and land on you

Twins are attached together and they want to split.
but, I want us to be attach and not split forever.

My eyes are weak
Closing so soon
i can't see anything
but I wonder why I can see you!

I am writing and writing
hope not to end so soon
but I know it will so
i just unwillingly to do that

Although I got to end this very soon
but, my feelings will not end that soon
perhaps I hope it will never end
but i know everything got to come to an end.

Original only by SHERINA
Inspired by: Crazyness
loving: some sort of animal in some sort of places

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