Wednesday, February 3

Love BabyBoy xD

BabyBoy keep let me kiss.. LOL

Yesterday Mommy came to Life College and fetch me. ^^
was cam-whoring in the car with Didi a.k.a BabyBoy. He so damn cute. Cute till me and mommy can't stop kissing him. LOL.. and, of course, he muax me too! heh heh heh...
Kissing him got a price to pay. He was actually having flu and cough.

So guess what?


I AM SICK. My immune system is weak again! Last month sick. This month sick.. CNY coming la deh~ APA lar... HELP..


Guess what?

Today ONE FM read my sms that I sent. My driver say "GOT MEH?"
DENG! ONE FM read my name out la! That DRIVER.. KEK SEI ME LE LA. Only know how to see leng lui on the street.. =.=|| xD

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