Tuesday, February 2

New Moon - christmas present

A long time ago post.

That is my Christmas present from someone.. Guess who...
Eumun! Unbelievable right?
I was crazy bout New Moon in Dec and he was working there. So I was asking him the price. Then I asked him to buy for me as present. I am so bad right? I know! I always that bad. I thought he wouldn't buy it for me but.. I was wrong. I went to IOI and got it from him.
I also did something for him as return.. ^^ But still with me until today.


Thanks Eu Mun for that book. I finished it within a week! =)
I want third book now. xD


Beth said...

Like your NEW MOON Christmas present. It was nice going through your blog. Keep up the good work. Ihampers.co.uk

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

Thanks... ^^