Saturday, January 23

Elaboration; late

I missed them; so much.

After the reunion party, most of us hyped up. We wanted to meet more often. We even created a group for 5B and trying to have another event to meet up. ;) There it goes. Monkey craze again! ;)

Okay, the reunion was great. Most of us don't really meet for 2 years. We don't even recognize and even forgotten some of our classmates.



Shamin says that he will fetch me at 6.30 p.m.. Whereas, the party starts at 7.00p.m.. As a person who knows Malaysia "normal" culture, I told him to fetch me at 7.00p.m..

We reached there at 7.10.p.m. and I saw Siow Kay, Pui Yee, THOMAS. Shamin thought that we are late but actually no one there yet. Shamin can't recognize Pui Yee, and she forgotten she is in our class. =.= LOL..

We waited for mor ethan 1 hour for them to reach. Not all, just SOME.. Some even came later. =.= People ar People. Never punctual! =.=

I wanted to see Yoong Ken. They said that he will be late... So we kind of waited him very long. WE have steamboat "usual food for 5B" =)
We chit chat and chit chat, teasing and teasing.. Had a great time inside and outside the house.
We took lotsa picture. Kai Loon sis helped us to take the group photo. Everyone gave her their camera.. She got at least 5 cameras to take and each time she take everyone say "again,again, another one, another one." So poor thing.

As for Yoong Ken, he reached there after most of 5B-ians balik! =.= I can't even see him ... . . . . =.=


Really missed them. At least I found another family. I lost 1 and now I found another 1. Thank God...

We are plannnig to go cycling this coming Thaipusam. Hope we can make it. and of course, CNY too. =)

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