Saturday, January 16

Class reunion tonight; sick

I wanted to post up some picture but I have no time for it.
So, no pictures, yet.

Hey people, you know what? I kinda love my blog now. Why? I've no idea. Maybe it gives me a calm tone when I visits my blog. And of course, his handsome face.

I am sick now. Very sick. I think for 2 or 3 months the virus gone and now, they are back - attacking me; try to steal my nose and gives me a lot of pain in throat.. T_T My eyes are watery, my face got lots of pimples ( need to do facial today =p) , my back are hurting, gives me nightmare and so on and on so.. Tonight I will be going for my class reunion! How am I gonna survive when i am so-so-so-so-sick! T_T I don't care. I must GO! Like what Jo said, I gonna go be because our MALAYSIA superstar is going.. haha.. THOMAS!! You know who? who? Wanna know?
Guess who's THOMAS? he is the one with checker box. They are Thomas Jack. The latest popular artist in M'sia and guess what. WE are CLASSMATES! Yea, Thomas was same class with me in Form 4 and 5.. But I don't think we are that close.. But okok la.. So, tonight, I must go for the class reunion! Will take lotsa picture! yeahoo~ - If my condition approve for me to do so much stuff.. I feel like fainting anytime.. Or sleeping anytime.. ^^

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