Wednesday, January 6

A little update bout me

It seems like I am really kinda busy nowadays.. AM I?
I have no idea though.
I think I am not that busy compared to last time.

I think I should blog about how am I and what I am currently doing now since I don't really update bout myself nowadays.

I changed my job. From Clara International changed to LIFE COLLEGE in order for me to study in March for Mass Communication! I started work in 4th of January. Currently finding a place to stay there because of transport problem. If anyone got any friends leaving nearby and got cheap house please do intro me yea. =)

Now, I should talk bout Subang Church.
I've been attending Subang for... few months already... I lost count and not gonna count anymore.. =) The church are of course very different from Puchong. If people asked me whether I like Puchong more or Subang... I used to say Puchong. But now, actually Subang is very good. I starting to get know more people there. =.=|| I know I am kinda slow but it takes time to know people for there are a lot of people there.. LOL.. I am learning a lot of things there and I am trying to help as much as I can if possible.. I am going to meet Aunty Jo tonight and I think I am gonna tell her that I would like to help anything in any area but.... depends I can help or not lar... Serve God doesn't need to be at a specific place where all the goodies friends is around... but it is in the heart. This is my revolution in 2010.. I want to help.. I don't care whether after half year where I will be or what I will be.. Now is now.. I used to have this question in my mind.. When can I be back in Puchong to be with the rest.. But now.. this is no longer a question for me anymore because now is now. Now I am in subang. Puchong is puchong. They are they... I am me, myself.. Don't think so much about what is next.. What is next, God ahs already planned. We just follow. He leads us. O.o stop stop.. I am going a little far here...

Ohyea... I went to help out for the Desa Mentari thingy with the youth and young adults of Subang.. I kena scolding from mom because reach home late.. T_T I went to church at 9.oo a.m in the morning and reach home at 11 something at night.. Who don't scold le? But I didn't take her scolding seriously because I am very happy on that day. but still... I am VERY tired because we take care of almost 80+ student. And guess what? I got bullied by kids... =.=|| We finsih the event at 9.00p.m. and when for our dinner+supper at darulsalam.. It is sooooo slow.. That's why ended up back home late.. LOL... I explained to my mom at last and she did not angry luuu... hahahaha

Should I stop here.. ? Kinda long essay and with 98% of grammar problem.. LOL
Oh yea.. Went to take a palcement test in Life college yesterday.. it's like English Basic test la.. Who failed d need to take donno what additional subject..
I thought I am failing because I am kinda blur.. I forgotten a lot of things and my english is getting bad and I forgot what EXAM is..
Today my colleague told me that I PASS! I don't know my marks cause they don't know can tell or not but they say don't worry lar.... =.=||| I want to know where my standard goes lar.... xD


Really got to stop here... Tired of typing.. My hands are sweating le! =.=|

See yea guys.. MISS EVERYONE.. LUZ everyone

-not a little update anymore-
-a big update -

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