Tuesday, January 12

hate hospital

Went to hospital yesterday. - bla bla bla.. I need to go for another x-ray next month and bla bla.. I am freakingly tired of the doctors man! Waited for hours and no result. Makes me so tired today.

Anyway, the best part for yesterday is lunch. I went to Clara to have lunch with 3 ma lat lou.. n a girl - new one. As usual, Franky tease me and someone la.. LOL... had fun talking and teasing and hitting them. David got lots of hitting from me for teasing me and someone. LOL.. I just can't stop laughing when I think back of yesterday.

Today my day is not so good due to some reason. Got lot to think again. Anyway, just see how it goes.. I sounded like "someone" .. I wonder who's that. =p

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