Thursday, October 15

BabyBoy, miss you.

at last I logged in to my blog.

I forgotten my own password. How can I ever forgets? I've been using blog for 2 years already and I forgotten my password! Nowadays I keep changing my password to make sure no other people can log in, that's why I am blurred with which password I used. I resets my password just now and that's why I can logged in. =) I hope I don't for get this password!


Baby Boy going back Banting today. Ow~ How much I will miss Baby Boy! T.T This whole week seeing him is my joy! He is so cute and cute and cute! Oh my. Mommy will be missing him more. Baby Boy, jie jie loves you o~ Must be a good boy.. sayang~~ hehe...
Today morning hug him so long... Aiyok... Little baby boy!

BabyBoy, I miss you!

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