Thursday, October 8


Someone spoilt my mood.
Nevermind, someone giving me ice cream to cool down soon.

I need to tell you one thing. You are not playing one player game.
Everyone is playing in this game and when you try to play cheats and try to kill me, there are people who will combine and kill you.

Oh yea, one more thing. Putting a mask doesn't mean people can't see your real face. You do it too often. People sees it and hate it! Don't make the entire team to do it to you. What you've done, you will get it. Not from me of course because I am not like you. But, I won't want this to happen. WE don't like to waste our time for things like that. Besides, after next month I won't be seeing you and vice versa. The game is there but I'm no longer one of the player. Becareful! ^^

Let's play it fair and square for now. No more cheating. I won't revenge. I will just forget but still everyone has limit. Pushing me to far will turn upside down. You won't want us to kill you in this game right? Muahahaha

Oh yea, too much Tai Chi is not so good for you yea. Later "zhao fo yap mo" not good. Lol.. Cantonese!

-love your neighbour as yourself-
What game I am playing? Guess what? I continue my harvest moon. LOL.. I think I am too slow for that. My farm is so terrible and I realize I make Eu Mun die. LOL ... Eu Mun is one of my friend. I name the horse "Eu Mun". Haha.. My digimon also haven't touch for long time. I'm pro in digimon anyway. LOLz. LAME GAME right? You want to know what I name all my animals? LOL...

I have 5 chickens. Most of them under youth name and I better not mention it here. Haha.. I'm getting another 5 soon. More names.. xD Why harvest moon don't have monkeys or pig? LOlz.


Yesterday I dye my hair but I don't think I succeed. It getting darker after I dye it. Ownself dye is like that. However, it is funny. People dye hair, the color sure change to lighter or to the color they want. Mine? Getting darker and became black. The previous color also almost gone. Why ar?

I watch my Taiwan series, dye hair, put serum...... but no face mask and no DIY due to lazyness.. xD... I know I am lazy PIG! xD


Sherina, love your neighbour as yourself.

someone ask me before " then, can I be your neighbour?" LOL.

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