Monday, October 12

support always

When you angry somebody, will you go to his or her blogs to read what he or her has to say? And when he or she post something you will feel it is you or something related to you? Or maybe you annoyed with what he or she posted?


Something changed. Change because of something. If I did something that make you feel angry or sad or whatsoever, I am willing to say SORRY from the bottom of my heart - sincerely.
I want you to remember one thing. From last time, I always support you. From A to Z and Z to A, you are the one I sided. I will never change this. I am still supporting you the same way as it is. You might not happy with me or anything. I don't care. For me, Friends are Friends Forever. It's hard to gain friendship that we try to built for years and got destroyed because of days. I am trying to gain back all my friendship. I hope you too.


2 years? HaHa.. Not so long. 2 weeks.. I can do it!! Ceh... Jangan cakap besar. Semua orang tunggu u tau.. xD let's see

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