Thursday, January 15

it will soon over

Love is complicated isn't it?

If you are alone without a boyfriend or girlfriend, you might say "Why la I am single?"

But, if you is having a bf or gf, and you always argue, you might say "Why I am not single? Should I just break up?"

Funny isn't it?

I have no comment for this matter.. What I can say is..

If you are single,
Don't worry, God will give you one day.. BE patient. Ask and you shall received.

If you are having a relationship,
If you and you bf/gf just having some small fights maybe it will be ok soon. If it is a big fight, then take your time to think what should you do. Break up is not always a good decision. But, if things really uncontrollable maybe break up is a good way.. But, I don't really hope people break up just because misunderstanding..
What can you do is always commit your relationship to God. Ask him to lead you...
And and.. Never do something you should not do..

Just hope everything will be alright.

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