Thursday, January 22

That box - my treasure

I close my eyes,
I imagine myself to see you,
I open my eyes
You are right infront of me.

Your eyes - so tempting
Your jokes - so lively
Your voice - so nice to hear
Your smile - melted my heart.

If and only If I can see you wear that shirt again.
If and only If I still love you
If and only If You will love me
If and only If and will be just if.

I am simple yet complicated
I am complicated yet simple

All HAD gone.
My feelings towards you
I'll keep it in a precious safety box
Lock it and throw the key away
So that I won't open it or anyone can find my feelings towards you.

Oh you, I miss your eyes
I miss your jokes
I miss your smile
I miss your coolness

I miss you so much..
I will just keep this misses in a box too.
I lock it and throw the key away
So that no one can ever search it again

I hope you will be happy always
Always I will be here to wait for you
Wait for you to need my help
Because I will always love you as a friend.

I miss pink.
I hope it will appear again on you one day.
I miss the bookmark.
I hope it will appear again in your bible one day.

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