Thursday, January 22

Let the past be the past

Suddenly, I feel like writing this to someone.

Dear Friend,
I don't think I know you so well. But, I know I like to be very close to you.
We shared, We laugh, We cry, We talk, We disagree certain things together, We agreed certain things together, We and we and we..

Even my mom prefer me to be with you more than others. *LOL*

Dear Friend,
I know at times I don't really care your feelings. I might being such a not-good-friend to you. I am sorry. But, here, I want you to know that I don't show. I wants to care about you but, just that, I don't know how. I wonder, as a BIGGER SIS to you - *I bold it for as you know, I AM OLD.. jkjk... do i really take good care about you. For my information, you take good care about me more than I do. And that makes me go over the limit I think.. To neglected your feelings..

I know it hurts so much when all the things repeated again and again. I am - too... But I know your hurt is more than I do. Now, I give up on this case. I just gave up. I am not giving up the entire team, but, I just give up on some certain issue, I feel more relief than before. Laugh it away makes me feel better. Like you said, what can we do now? Let's just laugh it off. Yeah.. Let's not waste our energy and brain cells to think about it again.

And dear my friend,
They are still very beloved to us- RIGHT! Yes.. Agree...

Oh Friend,
Let us be together hitting each others head with "tongkat" until the end of the world. Can we..? =)

Oh Friend,
Let us have a very blessed CNY. WE will go to a lot of places together during this CNY. OK? I dated you ok? Love You.

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