Wednesday, January 21

SOmething to blog

What shall I blog?
I feel that this blog is dead blog... Not the same as last time...

Maybe today I can blog about my work life..

Most of my friends know, currently, I am working in a BIG company called - CLARA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY GROUP.
At first I am super free. Just answer calls and collect letter and fax - then distribute.. But now,, WORK... LOADS.. AND I LOVE IT! Maybe you guys think I'm insane for loving work loads... but I really enjoy.. Cause I feel the more I do the more I learn.. Now I learn about HR thingy and I feel it really a good job.. Maybe next time if I can continue my study, HR is not bad too!! I am learning a lot of HR job.. So I really love it...

People around the office is kinda friendly.. They can talk and joke and laugh.. But still, people.. people.. and people la... haha... But overall, still ok.. SOmetimes only la... ahem.. cough cough..


So.. This is what I can say for my work life.. Study life? haha... O Lord will B.L.E.S.S

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