Sunday, June 13

How random it can be

Since Lionel is my "dream" guy. Now we have some scandal.. LOL.. even dear knew bout it.. See? I'm so honest with him. =)

In sunway pyramid..

Lift mirror
"You" make my life became black and white.

To someone that should be the one.

If you are reading this, I hope you know I am talking to you.
You've have made my life colourless. It seems to be always black and white. I thought I used to it but I don't..

However, things past. I'm not the same Sherina anymore. I don't bother whether what the hell you guys want to be friend wif me. Aha. and whatsoever.. I have tried my best. I ask for request more than three times.. This will be my last. And.. if no response.. I will just forget it.. In my life. . .