Tuesday, September 15

A day.

Sorry for the post yesterday. I was too harsh. Sorry.

Today starts with a very bad mood due to I was late to work and something happened when I came in the office and again I feel like eat those people up. However, I am in a happy mood after that.

We are having mid autumn festival next month on 25th. Opposite tesco. Please come if you are free. =) As usual, the youth will be performing. I might be on stage singing. Wait! I should cancel the "might" and replace it with "will". T.T I am so scare now. I have no idea why I am so scare but I am just so scare because I am scare!!! =.=" I hope my voice won't be heard by others .. LOlz. If this is the case, so what for singing on stage? Yea lor.. Yea lor..
Michelle asking me to solo and she play for me. =.= She asked me what songs I've been listening recently.. And my answer is Michael Jackson. =.= And... She say... Sing larr... *drops* I thought she was joking ... Mana tau.. She was serious.. And still serious.. We'll see okays. Maybe I sing 1 or 2 songs then can d.. Job complete! =)

Elisa.... Don't know why want tell you something...

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