Tuesday, September 29

Sorry, Thank you, byebye.

At last I wake up from all the bad thoughts. Yeah, at first I was very upset with how things goes but now I know that it is useless to cry over something that have been decided.

It may be a good thing. We just see ourselves and the surface.

Aiyoyo, I don't know how to write this. One thing I can say is I let go everything this time. As in, do not think so much for now. God is in control and God has His purpose in everything He do. We do not need to worry so much.

I saw a comment in my blog post. I don't know who is that but I would like to say something. I know I am responsible for all these things that turn out. Very sorry for the whole youth. I am so sorry. I never says that I am the only who feels pain. I know everyone feels that too.

I am sorry~

Anyway, yesterday I went to hospital for MRI results. But.... became took blood test. 6 blood test! Aiyoyo.. Lost a lot of blood yesterday. Going to hospital this friday again for injection and next monday for injection results. This month will be hospital month for me.


Thanks to those who comfort me when I am not okay...
-Elisa, Gabriel, Nicholas, Ying Yi, Aunty Lai Yee-
Thank you....

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