Tuesday, September 29


Yesterday went to hospital to took MRI scan results. The scan result same like the x-ray and the result is bla bla bla.LOL. Then I was asked to go for blood test as second opinion. This is the worst part man!

You see, when I go for blood test, I thought they just need to take one drop of my blood. So I think IT IS OKAY. However the doctor need 6 different blood test. So I thought - maybe 6 drops? Haha.. I am so wrong.

The "blood taker" took out 6 tubes. In my head I was telling myself "I don't think they need 1 whole tube larrr.."
So what do you think? 1 drop?? NOPE! 1 tube la wei!!

And I thought the syringe will be the normal small ones.

I thought the small one from right. Manatau... When that "blood taker" took out the syringe from the drawer.. Guess what? The biggest one. The first from the left. Yea! THE BIG ONE. I believe the one he took out is longer a little bit. OMG! I was like "APASAL BESAR SANGAT?"
He say "Yalah. 6 tube you tau? Kenapa dengan you? Sakit apa? Orang tua pun tak payah ambil banyak sangat! Kita harap ambil satu kali cukup yea? Harap tak payah ambil dua kali atau tiga."

O'Lord, please help me. Why so scary. He tie my hand and beat my hand. I was like "aaaaaaaaaa"
"Belum mula lagi lar dah nak jerit."

Eh you! SCARY LAR. Of course want to JERIT LA. aiyoyo.. So the needle poke into my skin and of course being so brave look at it lor.. =.= as if I can la. If I look at it I think I will faint. I look at my phone . Wah~ a while only. Then I look back. OMG! OMG. OMG
FULL already that big fat long syringe with my blood. *faints*

"Wah~ U ade power lar! Satu kali sudah cukup."

Doctor says this Friday I need to go to hospital to inject medicine and come back on Monday to check for any effect. So I hope nothing happen la. On 19 this month, I need to go to hospital again.

I hate being inject! T.T

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