Wednesday, September 2

[1st sep] + [2nd Sep]

Suppose to post this yesterday but forgotten it after I save it in my folder.. lolz..

1st September 2009

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Yesterday is Malaysia big birthday! What I did for yesterday? Well, woke up at 1.00p.m., clean my room, tidy my wardrobe, and went to Mydin then to Giant then to Summit with my mom and my friend and boyfriend. Boyfriend is not mine. It’s my friend one. So I’ve been out for whole day. I’m so tired yesterday and suddenly the youth says yum cha at night. Wao~ There goes my time of sleep. T.T

Anyway, we had a great time in Uncle Chris house. Yep, you heard me right! Yum cha in his house. So chun-ted right? =)

There’s a bad news for those who don’t possess own transport. For example those who take public transport to work. You need to pay more for bus fare. =( Yep, it’s September first today. That means those who normally pay 70 cents last time, they need to pay RM1 now. Hey, don’t think its small amount okays?

You see,

For example from my house to work for 1 month. Twenty days.

RM 1 x 20 = RM 20

Cheap huh?! WAIT. It is just one way. What if two way?

RM 20 x 2 = RM 40

I haven’t included Saturdays. I will be working for 4 Saturdays.

RM 1 x 4 = 4

Two ways.

RM 4 x 2 = 8

So total RM 48.00.

Wait, sometimes its 3 ways. I got to take bus from house to work then to bumble bee. Let’s just say altogether for a month is RM 10 (more than that)

RM48.00 + RM10.00 = RM58.00

RM 58.00 per month haven’t include if I take bus to Giant to buy stuff or going out.

I really don’t know how to survive then. Everything is expensive now. I really need to tie my hand so that I won’t buy things without thinking.

-- end of 1st September --

2nd September 2009
Alright!! Will be going to church camp for 2 days. *Clap Clap* Yay .. * CLap CLap again*
Today my mood is so-so. Not so happy, yet not so sad. Just feel very lazy and bored! Lalala..

Took so syok sendiri picture today when waiting for winnie. Lolz.. One of that I'd put it as my profile picture in facebook and msn. LOLz. The others, I deleted it cause not enough memory. =) BAD PHONE! NO MONEY A! GOT MONEY I CAN CHANGE MY PHONE.. MAN MAN WAIT LA

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