Monday, September 14

arghhhh ...

I am very sorry if this post makes anyone thinks that I don't respect someone who is older but actually I really try my best to respect the older people but please DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!!

My facebook is going to flood with someone wall post soon and I've been deleting because it makes my facebook looks terrible. I am sorry but I really don't like to answer any single question that comes from someone! I am sorry, sorry and sorry, but, I feel annoyed when I saw something.

"You are still young. Study first okay. Like my daughter. She is in college now and she don't want a boyfriend. She say working first." *COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH*

I wonder if you know your daughter! I am sorry but yes I am so angry!! I am angry because don't mind my business lar!!!!!!! I AM SUPER DUPER ANGRY! Sherina, cool down =)

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