Monday, September 7

I miss camp ;(

The title says it all.


The long journey in the car with the siblinghood, the talks we had in the car, the food we bought in the station, the 100 plus we drank, the tea Elisa’s bought, the time we reached there, the conference room, the hall, the canteen, the “park”, the basketball + badminton + table tennis court, the room we shared, the dolphin blanket, the pink bed sheets, 3 double decker, the air-cond of the room, the bed I supposed to sleep, the free time we had, the enjoyment in the pool, the monkey waiting on the bench, the people who were in the pool, the splashing of water, the “diving”, the fights we had in the pool, the bad guy pull Elisa’s leg a few times, the bad guy pull my leg once, the sticky hair, the shower we had, the worship we had, the workshop we had, the picture session, the yum-cha session, the mafia session, the brushing teeth times, the not-okay time, the night, the night with two brothers, the talks we had, the crying, the emo times, the sad times, the joking time, the massage time by the brothers, the letting the mosquitoes bites, the scratching the leg times, the things we did time, the people coming out to swims at 5.00 a.m.,

And then I realize its 6.30 a.m., It’s time to go in the room and wake a few people for prayer meeting. No sleep at all for me. After waking them, take a short nap and woke up by Elisa to get a changed. Short nap. Apparently, I don’t really sleep.


Woke up by Elisa, get a changed, walk to prayer meeting room but did not go in, when to the hall, Joshua joined, Jan Sen joined, Uncle Chris and family reached, Nicholas reached with the things asked him to get, the breakfast session, the sausages I took, the service time but when in our room with Elisa, talking time, truth and truth times, the answer I gave, the question I asked, the fun we had, the sms I received, the workshop time, we when in the room again, we decide to go in again, sitting beside brothers, the annoyance we gave everyone, the talking we had, the snoring of someone, the lunch time, the time to distract Elisa, when to toilet, when to park, when to canteen, act like nothing, calling everyone, the “surprise” we gave, the happy birthday we sang, the disappoint of us, the food I ate, the catching Elisa’s time, the singing of Happy Birthday again, the Haaaaaaaaaaaaa times, the present I gave her, the candles she took out from the mouth, the changing clothes time, the going in the pool times, the fun we had in the pool, the games time, the sport shoes borrowed from Aunty Christina, the bad shooting skills of basketball, the balance the ball on the spoon time, the skipping on the rope time, the laughing time when we saw Uncle Kim with the skipping rope, the hula hoop time, the run with the hoop time, the refill the water time, the champion falls to B, we got 2nd, the 3 hour in the POOL time, the canon ball time, the water level shallow because of them, the hopping time, the talking in the water, the game in the water, Monkey King in the pool, the diving time I had with him, the chasing by Joshua in the water, the splashing of water, the fights with the younger ones, the relax time we had in the water, only us was left in the pool, the train, the hop-hop, the submarine, Elisa cramp, Joels save her, I am too short and almost drown, someone piggy back me to the side, the jumping in the pool and then walking, the deep side of the pool to the shallow side of the pool, we asked to come out from the pool for dinner, we changed, we bathed, we talk in the toilet, we laugh, we washed our hair with the little amount of water, the hair hardened and sticky, I wash again, washed my hair for 3 times and I stop, get dresses, when in the room, get packed, when to dinner, talked with the youth, someone told me a good news, cake time, took my belongings down, when to take picture with the youth, when to the room again to take something I left, accompany Elisa to pack up, says bye bye to Ying Yi, when to the hall, when to the conference room with the shroom, waiting for Uncle Chris, sms I received from my mom, listen to testimonials, gifts presentation, time to go back, in the car, very tired, took a nap, long journey, packed car, tiredness, reached home, when in the room, tidy my stuff, received sms, reply sms, throw my phone away and POP – sleep.

Best memories....

I try to make it short but I think it is still long. As the title says, I miss camp. Yes I do. Especially Sunday. Right, Elisa?

If you don't get what I say is okay because I am too tired and just write whatever I can write. I am so TIRED!!! + + + if there are any grammar mistake, spelling mistake sotty... I lazy to read again and changed.

Whole body pain, muscle pain, eyes heave, head dizzy, feet pain, everywhere pain!

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