Wednesday, September 30

give up

MP4 really down this time. Not chargeable anymore. Sobs. Bye bye MP4. Sayonara. T.T

Should I sing that English song? I don't feel like it now. I don't think I can sing. Just sing one song this time? Don't want solo? What to do? Arghhh


Should give up on something now. Haiz. Give up on SPICY! Just now went to ate "ma lat pan mee" = SUPERB SPICY PAN MEE. My stomach is on FIRE now. Just now they said that my lips and face was red. However, my tongue feel just a little spicy. Now my stomach feel it. Maybe I am immune to spicy-ness, that's why my tongue don't really feel it. =) However, I really should quit taking spicy food for now. I realizt these 2 months - 60+ days, almost 50 days I took spicy! OMG. People said it is very bad for health! I agree it is so bad but still, spicy is my life man! No spicy = food not nice!

So Sherina, you want your health or you want spicy?

Sherina: I want SPICY! but I will cut down. T.T


Stomach pain.

Sign off --

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