Monday, August 17

(1)For my only darling - CL and (2) the rest of the day

You know,

Friends come and go in our life
They might give us a good memories or maybe bad memory
They might go happily
They might go angrily
It's all depends about us - the relationship.

In my life, I got lots of friends come and go. I've been moving here and there and this is how I know new friends and lost old friends. If I really want to count how many friends I have, it is uncountable - just like everyone else. However, I only have a friend that I really love so much. She is a special person. A person that knows me very well. I just can't describe. Anyway, just want to tell you that you are very special to me. I am happy to have a friend like you and....

Loh Chien Ling , Michelle
-you are older than me that's why I am happy-

I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your friends and family. I can't give you a grand surprise birthday party, so I just gave you a small one. I hope you enjoy. =) I hope you like the "mother cow" that I gave you and oh, the 5 hour card. Hahax. Actually, it took more than 5 hours. Don't feel guilty. It all because I was so dumb with arts so I wasted a lot of time in the beginning. Besides, I was busy with the phone. So it took more than 5 hours.. So it is not because you are so special so I did it so special. *what am I talking?*

Chien Ling, I love you. Muahahahaha..


Yesterday was a fun day. We had our cell sunday in Aunty Christine house. The word is good. Prayer changes things. =)

It was Aunty Nancy farewell party too actually. After the cell sunday, we went for lunch in Puchong "Restaurant Cheong Wah" *beside the balai bomba*. We bought a cake too for Aunty Nancy and Michelle. It was a surprise for them.

I was so hungry in the car and I hope they had already order the food so that when we reach we can just start eating. However, when we reach, Sis Lai Ming told me they are waiting for us first. T.T sad case. I am so hungry. Then Sis Lai Ming started to order the dishes. The waitress there said that 6 dishes is not enough since we have 17 people altogether. So we order 8 dishes. When our dishes arrived, "OMG" the portion is damn big. It's too late. We have to finish everything on the table. *I'll upload the pics after I get it.* Just by looking at the plate, I am full. I am so full by JUST LOOKING at it. lol.
After the food time, we eat fruits that brought by Monkey. Full like crazy again. Then, cake time. Triple full full full.. I thought Chien Ling know I will celebrate with her. But actually she don't know. She thought I really forgot her birthday. HaHa. Mission accomplished! YAY!
The food is nice
But I don't know bout the price.
It cost RM200++ and actually it is not expensive because the portion is really big and 17 people leh.... and service is good.. WE ARE DAMN FULL.
After lunch, everyone go back home except Joel G and Elisa T. Then want to goes to church because of the BB parents day thingy. Since I feel bored if I go back so early, I tagged along with them where I have no idea I go there for what reason. I kinda regret after I reached there. However too late because I can't go back. It's raining outside when I decided to just take a bus home. So I just enjoy the whole thing and it turn out kinda fun because ...... It is fun.. =.="
Especially the games. Parents are tricky at times. We took some picture. I will upload it when I get it from sasa. Had a great day and also had a bad day.

sorry to someone because I ignore that person for half day.
I know I am bad.
I was sleeping and actually I intend to ignore.
I ignore because I feel like it
You believe?
I am evil. Muahahahaha...

Someone: Remember what you promise,
if I tell you the long story,
you must not hate me anymore.
Don't ever break your promise.
I know you are evil..
I am -too

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