Wednesday, August 12


H1N1 is getting worst. I hope it will disappear soon.

Everyone is getting sick. Coughing, flu is everywhere. I pray that those who are sick will be healed!

These two days I am happy. I changed the forum layout and I did the header by using Microsoft Power Point yesterday. I know I am very lame for using that to design but I do not have any other sources and I am definitely not a designer, so I have no designer sense. However it turns out to be pretty okay and few youths say it’s nice, so I guess I succeed for the first try! As for today, I am happy – in facebook.

I am looking forward for this Sunday; Cell Sunday in Aunty Christine house. I am kind of disappointed when I know Boys Brigade is going on and my mood was spoilt at first. But later on, I feel its okay without them. We can have more fun while they are not there. We might go for Pyramid too. So let’s enjoy while they suffer! =) I am so evil – as usual teach by Joel Goh.

Okay, I got to back in working spirit! I have lots of things to do and I don’t want “that” someone to talk so much.

ღ◊†·.I got attracted by someone.·†◊ღ

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