Monday, August 3


I am sick – again. I never know the feeling of food poisoning in my life. I heard people said its terrible, painful, and all sorts of things. What I thought is just stomach pain, vomiting and that’s all. Haha. You are so wrong SHERINA!!

I was food poisoned on Thursday. *cries* It hurts me lots. The feelings are indescribable. I thought the whole intestine, stomach, kidneys will come out. It feels like its going to explode anytime. It is so TERRIBLE. Anyway, thank God for immediate healing. Now I am okay BUT I started to cough yesterday night. *cries – again* Sad case right? The throat is itch now. *angry*

Anyway, yesterday was CBC anniversary. We went to Civic Center * if I am not mistaken*. Then few of us headed to NEW PARIS for lunch with Kim’s family. *Thanks Uncle Kim*. After the lunch, we went to SUNWAY PYRAMID. I was protected by FOUR bodyguards. *hehe* 1 girl 4 boys. 2 infront 2 behind. Why always I am the only girl? Lolz. We went “hang kai” till 3.30 p.m. Feel so happy. Cause very long no “hang kai” le. Too bad Elisa and Ying Yi was not there. *T.T*

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