Friday, August 7

a day

- I feel not right today.
- Feel like missing something.
- I keep thinking.
- I keep waiting.
- I keep looking.
- No signs of it.

Anyway, I am still in the sick mood. I catch the flu after I went to hospital yesterday. Oh ya, have I tell bout the MRI scans yesterday? Nope, I haven’t because I did not blog anything yesterday. =p
Yesterday Esther fetches me to hospital. I felt so guilty because she has to wait for me. MRI scan is scary for me. I have to go in to the machine. I need to lie down on the bed. Then those people explaining this and that to me. They are very polite to me too maybe due to I am a LITTLE KID for them. =.=” Then there’s a guy hand me a headphone to wear on. One of the lady told me that because the process is very noisy so I better wear it. The guy told me that it is radio. I feel so happy because I can listen to radio. =) Then I asked them how long is the duration inside that thingy since Esther is alone outside waiting for me. What if I will be in there for 3 hours? Then Esther will be outside for 3 hours. -.- The guy said “Kalau you baik-baik tak gerak-gerak, 30 minit lah. Kalau tak baik-baik, 40 minit.” I was like “sorry Esther” =)

Then I went in that MRI machine. SO scary. I was not allowed to move and on my left hand there’s a thing for me to press incase I feel not right. It’s a bell. I feel like pressing it a few times because I am bored. =p I almost press it when the radio start. -.- Scared me. I am so scared! They lady say want me to listen to the radio so that I won’t hear the noisy sound. But, the radio is very soft! I can’t even hear clearly and the process is so LOUD! Worst case of all, it’s malay song. I don’t discriminate malay songs. Just that it’s too rock. Why not put Siti Nurhaliza songs? Aiyoyo.. hehe.. Suddenly, when I made my decision to sleep, everything stop. What happen? They say you are done. So fast? How long I’ve been in there? “You baik-baik, tak gerak, jadi 25 minit ade la.” -.-

“Macam –mana mau gerak? Inside so space-less. Anyway, everything ended earlier than expected. I wanted go for a check up for H1N1 but I afraid Esther need to wait again. So I did not check. I hope I am okay. Okay?! People, don’t come near me. I am really very sick.

Oh ya, my HR manager going to Australia. Hope she have a nice trip. MS. WONG, ENJOY YOUR TRIP… =)

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