Saturday, August 22

[Friday] + [someone]

Well it’s another Saturday. My hands are a little bit itchy now. They want to touch the guitar and piano. Too bad, I am not in bumble bee now. =) I will go later in the noon.

Today I miss someone very much. Don’t ask me why because I will tell you in the end of the post. =)

Oh yea, had a great time yesterday in cell especially with Elisa’s game – the zombie game. Elisa said we will have nightmares. Those zombie – Gabriel especially, really zombie. Got it? =)
When I first become the zombie they said “What zombie is this? Like gold fish.” =.=’’ Another say “Yer, why this zombie so cute?” =.= Speechless. ;(

Yer + cute = ???

Anyway, we had a great time and also Joel Chan’s word. I still remember those points – 1- Speak carefully. 2 – Speak harmlessly. 3 – Speak Consistently. 4 - Behave wisely. Yay. Underline can remember geh! =)

Okay.. That’s all

HaPpY bIRtHdAy

Guess who's birthday is it?

aNdRe HaR ChOoN SeNg!!!

He is a friend of mine from form 2. We always fight, argue, shouting to each other. However, I can say that those are memories. He has a good heart but he don't really show it. He is a happy-go-lucky person but in times, he will be super emo and he don't want people to disturb. IF anyone disturb him - gone la you. =)
I still can remember those times..
Andre, remember form 2 when I throw a bottle to you? You take my bag, I take yours and we run around the classroom and everyone is so swt with us? When I think back, I feel so foolish.
We are so terrible at times. =) Anyway, if those days without you, it will be so empty, no fun, no jokes, no fights. =)
I hope that you will continue your study and good luck in everything you do and IMPORTANT thing! Trust the Lord. He will guide you. Are you still a christian? =)
Ok, remember to keep in touch - as in phone punya touch. Not you think punya touch. Okay?

God Bless!!!! Luv you & Miss you

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