Thursday, August 13

Slap me. lolz

Is 7th September is a compulsory holiday? I hope it is but mostly my hope crash! There is a church camp next month from 5th to 7th. People were telling me that 7th is a holiday and I am so happy at first but later on I found out 7th is not listed under my company holiday list. I want to take leave but I think my annual leave is not enough since I forgot to take MC on the 6th on this month when I go for MRI. Should I apply unpaid leave? No, I can’t. My mom will be chasing me with a knife if I did that because she don’t like I take unpaid leave for going out. If I am sick then it is a different story. So what shall I do? I know. While they are having fun there, I will be alone in my house hugging my shroom and – sobs? Let’s not think about it now.

Anyone here loves art? What about cakes? Cupcakes? Cookies? I came across a website and I was stunned with the author of it. She is awesome – word that I only has for now. People who likes baking and who likes design should really see her work of art. It is wonderful. If you are interested, please log on to this website; delectable or go to her blog. I hope one day I can afford to ask her to design a cake for my mom birthday. I have the idea in my head know. *laughs* I really do hope I can afford one day! =)

I’m a little bit confused with what I am doing now. I mean, I want to know what I am thinking. While I am doing things, my head is thinking a lot of things and while I try to sit and think what I am thinking, I am blank. It bothers me a lot. Am I okay? Maybe everything cramp into my head and I can’t think properly and it affect my emotion. I am happy but yet I am emo. * scratch head* It feels weird now. Besides, I am doing something very stupid everyday. I think I really should slap myself as hard as possible to wide awake from my dreams.

Now, I feel so sleepy. I really do deserve a slap. Come people just slap me. =)

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