Friday, August 14

It's Friday

When I walk, I get a fall
I ask why I fall, the answer I got is because I am not tall.

--I know I am short--
--You people just over short--

I got a very bad muscle cramp on my left hand yesterday night. I cried for almost few minutes. I tell my mom that I need an exercise since I am unused for almost 2 years. However, I can’t go for running, badminton, jumping – so what can I do for exercise since I got this back problem and I don’t want to make it worst but I do really need to EXERCISE! If I go for running then my back might give me another few months of pains and also my respiratory system is not so good now. It does not work properly if I over used. Anyone can suggest anything? Wait, this blog seems no one in. No one can suggest anything for me. * =.=” *

My bones are weak today. Not sure what causes it to be like that. Suddenly, I am very afraid. Seems like I having a lot of problem in my body. I am afraid that I might end up like Aya-Kito; 1 litre of tears. For sure it is not because of the disease but died in early years.

Okay, I am going to search for any ice breaker for tonight to make everyone have fun. I hope no one ask to skip ice breaker because I always used my sweats to search for it for everyone. ;)

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